METSS is fortunate to be staffed with scientists and engineers who have an extensive background in engineering, materials science, and chemistry; a third of our staff have Ph.D.s in their respective fields.  As a group, the senior staff of METSS has a significant amount of practical experience in developing and testing products and processes for a number of different industries. The laboratory staff of METSS consists of qualified and trained researchers, with most having BS degrees plus training in a research and development environment. 


Dr. Kenneth Heater ( - As President and owner of METSS Corporation, Ken manages the day-to-day activities of the company, including the company's financial, legal, and contracting activities. Ken remains intimately involved in the daily management of the company‚Äôs technical programs, working closely with the staff of METSS to provide quality services to our clients and to move METSS projects toward successful commercial implementation.