Advanced Materials

The staff of METSS has a significant amount of experience developing new materials for challenging applications. The focus of most of our materials development programs is developing new materials or modifying material formulations for use in aggressive chemicals and/or environments. Many of our materials programs are focused on developing next generation materials for defense and commercial applications.

Our materials development programs are supported by a diverse staff with expertise in polymers, polymer matrix composites, seals and sealants, high performance rubber, paints and coatings, films and laminates.

Representative programs include the following:

  • METSS has conducted a significant number of programs developing oxidation resistant rubbers for military and commercial applications.
  • METSS developed a conductive, corrosion protective EPDM rubber that can be used as an environmental seal to protect substrate surfaces in seawater applications requiring long-term EMI shielding performance. 
  • METSS developed a aqueous polyurethane rubber compound using nanophase additives to produce a fire and chemical resistant personal protective materials.
  • METSS developed hard laminant, ESD surfaces capable of protecting electronics at 0 to 100% relative humidity.
  • METSS has developed composite resin formulations for industrial and military applications using conventional and nanophase additive technologies to meet stringent fire resistant, EMI shielding and rapid manufacturing requirements.
  • METSS has developed low temperature, compression set resistant seals for advanced aircraft applications.
  • METSS has developed inorganic coatings for structural steels to prevent loss of structural integrity when exposed to fire and extreme heat.  
  • METSS has developed lightweight, highly absorbent, self-sealing materials for fuel containment in mission critical applications. 
  • METSS has developed high performance, lightweight, crash resistant, self-sealing fuel cells for fixed and rotary wing aircraft.